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At PSB Logistics, we constantly push the envelope in a bid to enhance other businesses with our expertise. We strive to ensure smooth operations through impeccable logistical solutions.

Our motto - "Quick with Care" serves as the major driving force in all operations. Always considering time as the essence, we prioritize rapid turnarounds as the key feature of our business model while providing optimum care in every step of the way. Although we pride ourselves on our speed, we realize that speed alone isn't the answer. Hence, we amalgamate the best of technology with the best of care to deliver a service on par with no other.

“Have a safe journey with us”

-Mr. Prasad D. Bhandare, CEO, PSB logistics



Focused on becoming a leading supply chain management and logistics services globally, PSB emerged for a world moving at a rapid pace to deliver world-class logistic services to our clients. Our experience and relationship with Ports, Customs & Terminal Authorities; ensure quick, uninterrupted, and efficient services at all levels.

Our end-to-end supply chain management includes segments like Oil, Gas & Power; Heavy goods & movements of industrial equipment; Plant relocation; Turbines; Heavy transportation & Machinery packaging services; Transformers & generators.



At PSB, we are committed to providing 360-degree logistics solutions while caring for your valuable products in unprecedented ways. Our goal is to achieve a dominant presence in all areas of supply chain management worldwide



The plan is to become the leading logistics company with strategic hubs established globally. We strive to serve the customer as our priority to understand what they’re going through.